Learn more about Shiazo

Principle of Shiazo

Shiazo is based on an absorptive carrier material which is soaked with flavoring agents and fog liquids. The carrier is a 100 % natural raw material being anorganic and highly temperature stable. This ensures that Shiazo does not burn or smolder when heated, but only the flavored liquids are evaporated. At the end the dry carrier material is left and can even be re-used. As no tobacco is involved, Shiazo steam stones are by nature free of nicotine and tobacco contaminants.

How to use Shiazo?

Shiazo is usable with every hookah and every type of head. Thereby, the usage and dosage is much more comfortable compared to conventional hookah tobacco. Shiazo works always, is not scratching your throat and cannot burn. For best results we have collected some notes and tips here:

  • Before first use, shake the liquid sachet, add the liquid to the stones and let it soak for at least 10 minutes. For best results allow it to soak for about 12 hours. This is not required for our ready-to-use version which is already soaked.
  • Shake Shiazo shortly before usage.
  • Fill Shiazo into the hookah head. Unglazed heads or heads where the liquid can flow down are less suitable. We recommend a vortex head.
  • Cover head with perforated aluminum foil or chimney cap and apply coal. There should be about 5…10 mm spacing between Shiazo and the coal. Setups with larger distance or smokebox usually require more heat.
  • Steam stones need a longer time to warm up compared to tobacco. Wait a couple of minutes after placing the coal to let the steam stones reach their operating temperature. Tip: Using a wind shield is the quickest way of warming up.
  • In a hookah, not only the tobacco but also the charcoal releases harmful substances. Users that would like to reduce harmful substances as far as possible should thus heat Shiazo with an electric charcoal.
  • The temperature in the hookah head is about 100…160°C when using it in a common way. Note that Acrolein can form when heating the liquid above 200°C.
  • Shiazo is not suitable for human consumption. Keep Shiazo out of the reach of children. Store Shiazo in a cold and dry place.
  • There is no age restriction known by law for steam stones. Nevertheless we recommend the usage not below 16 years.

Shiazo vaping is not smoking

The principle of Shiazo is similar to electronic cigarettes and vaporizers. In both cases, an evaporation of flavored liquids takes place. In contrast, smoking is considered the intentional inhalation of smoke e.g. from the burning of plant parts. Smoke is characterized in that it always contains solid components. This is not applicable in case of an evaporation in steam stones or electronic cigarettes as no solids but only fine liquid droplets are released.