Learn more about Shiazo

In order to take account of the latest technical developments in the industry, Shiazo is offered with a separate liquid sachet since 2021. The customer can decide for himself whether he wants to use Shiazo as a liquid or together with the carrier material.

How to use Shiazo?

Shiazo can be used in different ways:

…as liquid inside an electronic hookah head (E-head)

  • Shake the liquid well before opening
  • Fill the desired amount of liquid into the E-head reservoir
  • Use the E-head according to the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Granulate is not needed

…as steam stones by mixing liquid and stones

  • Shake liquid well before opening
  • Add the liquid to the stones and let it soak for at least 10 minutes, for best results allow it to soak for about 12 hours
  • Use the soaked stones instead of tobacco in your hookah

Further notes:

  • The dry granulate can be reused or put to other uses such as soil conditioning for your plants.
  • In a hookah, not only the tobacco but also the charcoal releases harmful substances. We thus recommend to heat Shiazo with an E-head or electric charcoal.
  • Strong heating (>200°C) should be avoided due to a higher risk of Acrolein formation.
  • Shiazo is not suitable for human consumption. Keep Shiazo away from children. Store Shiazo in a cold and dry place.

Shiazo vaping is not smoking

The principle of Shiazo is similar to electronic cigarettes and vaporizers. In both cases, an evaporation of flavored liquids takes place. In contrast, smoking is considered the intentional inhalation of smoke e.g. from the burning of plant parts. Smoke is characterized in that it always contains a significant amount of solid components. This is not the case when vaporizing liquids as no solids but only fine liquid droplets are released.